35EPS - European Peptide Symposium
Call for Abstracts

Details on the Call for Abstracts will be announced in the coming months.

For Scientific Queries email: eps2018.science@ucd.ie

The following sessions will take place at EPS 2018:

  • Amino acids and peptide synthesis

  • Protein synthesis and semi-synthesis

  • Peptides in chemical biology and therapeutics

  • Structural and conformational studies

  • Biologically active peptides

  • Peptide mimetics

  • Prodrugs, conjugates, targeting and uptake

  • Peptide in proteomics and bioinformatics

  • Nanotechnology, imaging and analytical techniques

  • Peptide-based materials and catalysis

  • Glycopeptides and lipopeptides

  • Macromolecular assemblies

  • Biochemistry and biology

  • Other topics